Hostess Hub’s First ‘Big’ Show

A Home Party Vendor & Craft Sale, November 23, 2013

It was a cold day…but the skies were blue and the highways were clear.  A PREFECT day for Hostess Hub’s first Home Party Vendor & Craft Sale!  A fantastic combination of vendors and artisans/crafters filled Landmark’s Kinsmen Community Centre with 29 different tables to shop.  I have listed our participants under the category you will/could find them on our Hostess Hub website.  If there is anyone that does not have a website/FB page link here and you wish to find them, let me know!







Fifth Avenue Jewelry



Confident Response

Tocara Jewelry

Niverville Home Grown


Passion Parties

Tiny Town Jewelry

Steeped Tea

G. Penner Photography

Momma Bear Keepsakes

Jockey P2P


Pampered Chef

Cuty Baby

Grace Adele

Fun with Chocolate

Adara Boutique

SoGa Soaps

G. Penner Jewelry

Sunset Gourmet

Leona’s Sewing


Velocity Jewelry



The room was thoughtfully decorated (thank you family & friends), delicious smelling (thank you Scentsy), music was playing, and the vibe was positive and buzzing! 

Cathy & Paul rocked the silent auction ticket booth, welcoming each guest with smiles and genuine Christmas spirit.  Six fabulous silent auction prizes were displayed as customers walked in, ranging in value from $75 to $150 each.  A free chance to win a $25 Tim Horton’s gift card for letting us know how you heard about the show was also available. 

Our silent auction winners were: Marnie from Niverville, Jessie from Winnipeg, Doris from St. Malo, Sharon from Lorette, Marlene from Landmark, and Maureen from Landmark.  Everyone was so excited to get their prize!  Our rural winners came to me on Sunday to pick them up, and the other two met me in Winnipeg on Monday!  The Tim Hortons gift card went to Jenny from Landmark, who just so happens to live on my street! 

Hot coffee and an assortment of cookies were offered, as well as tasty samples from Steeped Tea, Velata, and Niverville Home Grown.  The home-made SKOR bar treats from Melanie (Norwex) were in such high demand people were taking pictures of the recipe to take home and try!  The custom designed imperial cookies from High Tea Bakery in Winnipeg were also a special treat for the participants of the show, and I am pretty sure a few guests may have snuck some too!  

Advertising out the wazoo (as my grandma used to say) via large highway signs, print ads, on line ads, Face Book groups, word of mouth, our local bank’s digital sign, and over 3000 flyers to the nearby local communities kept the flow of guests steady all day.  Our participants said that our guests were there to shop, so it’s a good thing that everyone had cash and carry items to sell!

I wish to extend my most sincere thanks to my family & friends; for without your assistance and support, I could have never managed alone: Jim (my husband), Terry & Gail (my parents), Cathy & Paul (my best friend & her significant other), and Caroline (my web designer).

For your encouragement and show experience: Erin, Melissa and Cheryl.

For your faith in what I am trying to do with Hostess Hub: ALL of Hostess Hub’s consultants (either at the show or not).

Having a show such as this one was a lot of work, yet it is the type of work I love to do.  I hope that everyone that came out to support me, the consultants, and the crafters/artisans realize how much you are valued and appreciated.  I just may do this all over again this year…November 22nd maybe? :-)

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